Ep. 351 Monty Waldin on Biodynamic Wine | Dynamizing

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Ep. 351 Monty Waldin on Biodynamic Wine | Dynamizing

Italian Wine Podcast Episode 351: Monty Waldin, podcast host and author of “Biodynamic Wine” introduces us to biodynamic practices.

Monty shines a light for those curious about what is going on behind the scenes in the production of biodynamic wine.

This week we see how biodynamic preparations are stirred into water for application on cultivated fields.

Tune in each Wednesday for more biodynamic wine talk with Monty Waldin.

Monty’s book, “Biodynamic Wine,” gives a much more thorough account of biodynamic compost use. For a limited time Infinite Ideas is offering a 15% discount off the book. Check Italian Wine Podcast social media channels for details.