Ep. 624 Erin DeMara | Get US Market Ready With Italian Wine People

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July 31, 2021
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August 3, 2021

Ep. 624 Erin DeMara | Get US Market Ready With Italian Wine People

Ep. 624 Steve Raye interviews Erin DeMara in this episode of Get US Market Ready With Italian Wine People.

More about Erin:
Erin DeMara is a twenty-nine-year professional of the wine and restaurant industries. Currently in his seventh year with 1821 Fine Wine and Spirits, an Italian-focused importer, he manages the portfolio of 100+ wines and spirits within Florida, USA. Erin is a Certified Wine Educator by the Society of Wine Educators and an Italian Wine Ambassador and Educator by VinItaly International Academy – the only wine professional in America to hold both titles. He is also a Certified Spirits Specialist, a Certified Sommelier by the Court of Master Sommeliers, and an awarded member of the Guild of Sommeliers

Social media contacts:
Florida District Manager
1821 Fine Wine & Spirits

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