Ep. 655 Anna Alessandro | Biodynamic & Organic

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September 13, 2021
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September 15, 2021

Ep. 655 Anna Alessandro | Biodynamic & Organic

Episode 655 Monty Waldin interviews Anna Alessandro of the Camporeale Winery in this episode of Biodynamic & Organic on the Italian Wine Podcast.

About today’s winery:
ALESSANDRO DI CAMPOREALE is a family winery located in the province of Palermo, Sicily, founded in 2000 by the Alessandro brothers (Rosolino, Antonino e Natale) and now run by 3 cousins: Benedetto (the winemaker), Benedetto (the Marketing Manager) and Anna who joined the family company focussing on administrative management and developing wine tourism, upon graduating with a degree in Law.
Strengthened by years of honing a wide range of skills in their roles at the Alessandro di Camporeale company, in 2005 the cousins decided to embark on a new endeavor on Etna, giving life to a new company named GENERAZIONE ALESSANDRO.

Our production model is based in the vineyard and in good winemaking practices to have wines with a unique, strong identity.

If you want to learn more about Camporeale you can by visiting:
Website: www.alessandrodicamporeale.it
Instagram: instagram.com/adicamporeale/
Facebook: facebook.com/AdiCamporeale/
Twitter: twitter.com/adicamporeale
Linkedin: linkedin.com/company/alessandro-di-camporeale

More about the host Monty Waldin:
The one with the voice, personality, and background in organic wines. Often recording from his fortress somewhere in the hills of Tuscany… he got into wine as a teenager having worked at several Bordeaux vineyard. Later Monty started traveling around the world to work on organic and biodynamic estates, writing books on organic/biodynamic wines and winemaking. However, Monty prefers radio (or its modern-day reincarnation, the podcast).
To find out more about Monty visit:
Website: www.chateaumonty.com
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