Ep. 642 Ciro Pirone Interviews Roberto Di Meo | Clubhouse Ambassadors Corner


Welcome to this Ambassadors Corner where Ciro Pirone Interviews Roberto Di Meo on Clubhouse’s Ambassador’s Corner – this live recorded episode is hosted by Stevie Kim – recorded on Clubhouse and replayed here on the Italian Wine Podcast!

Listen in on this series as Italian Wine Ambassadors all over the world chat with Stevie and their chosen wine producer. Which producer would you interview if you got your pick?

About Roberto’s Winery:
At the beginning of the 1980s the brothers Erminia, Generoso and Roberto Di Meo took over the historic farm of their parents Vittorio and Alessandrina, located a few kilometers from Avellino, in the municipality of Salza Irpina . The property, which in the past belonged to the Caracciolo Princes, is surrounded by gentle and breezy hill slopes, dominated by a characteristic 18th century hunting lodge. The goal of the three brothers is to produce wines starting from the most widespread indigenous varieties in Irpinia, such as Fiano, Greco, Aglianico and Coda di volpe, and to enhance the heritage of cultural traditions of which they are inherited.
The vineyards are planted and in 1986 the first family wines arrive: this
is how the Di Meo winery was born.

If you want to learn more about the winery visit:

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June 20, 2022
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