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Welcome to the Franciacorta Digital Festival Part 1 of 3 (Educational Approaches to Franciacorta Wines) on the Italian Wine Podcast! This deep dive into Franciacorta DOCG took place live on June 10th, 2021, through the Clubhouse room ”Italian Wine Club”. This session was then subsequently released here on the Italian Wine Podcast to give participants the opportunity to review the material they originally heard, or for those who wanted to take part but missed the live sessions. Tune-in to learn more about Franciacorta DOCG, you’ll get a fantastic 360° understanding of this archetype within Sparkling wine!
Remember that if you listen to all 3 sessions here, you can visit to take the Franciacorta Festival Quiz for a chance to win a free book about Franciacorta! Visit:

Franciacorta Digital Festival Quiz

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Italian Wine Clubhouse began March 2021. It is moderated by Stevie Kim, with guest speakers from the Italian wine community; Gabriele Gorelli MW, Debra Meiburg MW, Natalie Wang, Sarah Heller MW, Marilisa Allegrini, Dino Borri, Alison Napjus, Robert Camuto, Arnaud Orsel, Valentina Argiolas, Mateja Gravner, Richard Siddle, Robert Joseph, Karolina Walch, Renato Bosco, Elena Cozzella, Tinto, Alberto Tasca, Carlo Franchetti and many more. The impetus behind this Clubhouse channel was to create interactive in-depth wine discussions. Within just a a few months the channel has grown to 1.8k followers. Stevie also has a personal following of 2.7K.

Remember “Wine business” and “Italian wine Clubhouse” happens every Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm UCT+ feel free to join in!
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