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Ep. 556 Rebecca Lawrence sits down with Aidy Smith of The Three Drinkers.
Aidy Smith, is an award winning TV presenter, speaker and journalist with a particular focus on drinks, lifestyle, travel and diversity topics.

As a presenter and producer of the widely successful TV series on Amazon Prime, The Three Drinkers, Aidy proudly flies the flag for LGBTQ+ communities and those with disabilities. He is one of the only TV presenters in the world with Tourette syndrome, actively pushing to raise awareness on this topic. (Please get in touch if you can help with this!).
Deemed by critics as “the Top Gear of drinks” it is the highest rated drinks travel show across streaming platforms and currently airs in 172 territories in 39 languages. Series 1 culminated in December 2019, with Series 2 currently in development for early 2021. The Three Drinkers have also launched their rapidly-growing website, digital content, podcast and social community programs, working with select brands on campaigns.
Since 2017 Aidy has written a wine and spirits column for The Independent (UK & USA) alongside being the Global Brand Ambassador for Vivino, the worlds largest wine marketplace and community (43 million users as of June 2020). His work can also be seen across a number of publications including The Independent, The Guardian, i Newspaper, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and more.

He has spent his career developing a fun and curiosity-piquing mind-set to drinks and has one of the largest Instagram followings (@sypped) in Europe for a drinks personality. He is known for his interactive guides, ABC education, masterclasses and witty approach to drinks as he also frequently advises and consults brands on their various digital and consumer strategies.

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June 21, 2022
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