Ep. 559 Lindsey Andrews | How To Get US Market Ready With Italian Wine People


Episode 559 Steve Raye interviews Lindsey Andrews of Minibar Delivery

After graduating from Stanford, Lindsey began her career as a Financial Analyst for Antares Investment Partners. She then pursued her MBA at Wharton, and although she didn’t know it at the time, this is where she met her future Minibar Delivery co-founder, Lara Crystal. Lindsey and Lara went off to pursue more traditional careers after leaving Wharton – Lindsey spent the years after Wharton in consumables e-commerce, first at FreshDirect and then at the Quidsi portfolio of brands (owned by Amazon) as the Head of Marketing at Wag.com. Lindsey and Lara remained good friends, often brainstorming business ideas together, and ultimately decided to start Minibar Delivery in 2013. Since then, Lindsey has played an active role as CEO & Co- Founder of Minibar Delivery, growing the company into the on-demand alcohol delivery powerhouse it is today, operating in 200+ American cities.

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June 21, 2022
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