The Italian Wine Podcast is a storytelling project dedicated to the Italian wine world; new episodes are published each weekday so stay tuned!

Italy has more native grape varieties concentrated within its borders than any other country in the world, and Italian wine and grape diversity is a story worth telling. Meanwhile, the popularity of Italian wine continues to grow on an international scale. This increasing appreciation most likely comes from the close link between wine and Italian culture. Wine is central to Italian cuisine, lifestyle, and agriculture. It has even shaped the very landscape of Italy.
The Italian Wine Podcast, currently in its 4th season, aims to inform, educate, entertain and inspire fans of Italian wine through engaging conversations with producers, experts, and personalities of the Italian wine scene.
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Episode 139 Joe Bastianich

Episode 139 Joe Bastianich

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The Italian Wine Podcastis a storytelling project dedicated to the Italian wine world. Wine writer Monty Waldin and others uncovers the unique Italian winemaking tradition in conversation with some of its key protagonists. Now over 620 episodes and growing...

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