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October 28, 2021
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October 28, 2021
The Italian Wine Podcast (IWP) -now in its 4th season- airs new series hosted by Steve Raye, author, President and CEO of Bevology Inc. as well as the longstanding host of IWP’s season 3 show, Let’s Get US Market Ready. The new show, Get US Market Ready with Italian Wine People is a natural continuation in which Raye moves from narrations of his book into interviews with respected wine industry professionals who convey their own valuable personal experiences, having navigated through the world of business and the Italian wine industry in the US.
March 23, 2021 - VERONA, ITALY

Italian Wine Podcast (IWP) host Steve Raye is back with a new series entitled Get US Market Ready with Italian Wine People. This show will air in IWP’s Monday slot, just as his last series was; dedicated to the narration of his book, Let’s Get US Market Ready. Aside from being an author and IWP host, Raye is the President and CEO of Bevology Inc., a consulting company that offers practical business strategies and approaches to brands and regional promotional boards navigating the US Market, specifically within the sector of wine & spirits, their importation and distribution. The book just like the series that came after it, saw Raye dedicate himself to imparting the 30 plus years of information he has accumulated; knowledge gained through real experience.

The next step for Raye in this new season 4 show was to hone-in and focus on the Italian wine market Stateside, reaching out to other respected business professionals in the wine industry, engaging them in infotainment-type conversation. The program offers listeners new strategies and ideas for their own use, engaging them through the personal stories of compelling individuals; their journeys, struggles and successes. Guests include names such as Tony Apostalakos, US Director at Masi Agricola; Paul Quaglini, Wine Supervisor at ABC Fine Wine & Spirits and Nicole Brassard, Wine Marketing and Sales Specialist at the New Hampshire Liquor Commission. Each guest has been hand-picked, building a well-rounded lineup suitable for anyone who has their own wine business, is presently starting up or simply for those listeners interested in learning more through lively, light-hearted banter.

Steve Raye’s Get US Market Ready with Italian Wine People show will air each Monday on the Italian Wine Podcast – 500,000+ listens and growing; find us on SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you tune in; be part of the international movement dedicated to all things Italian and Wine.