Italian Wine Podcast launches the Inclusion-Diversity Series

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October 28, 2021
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October 28, 2021
This new series hosted by Dr. Rebecca Lawrence is a set of discussions with prominent people in the wine industry, focusing on issues such as inclusivity, diversity, allyship and female leadership. The series will inform, educate and entertain listeners about the wine industry through intimate conversations.
February 25, 2021 - VERONA, ITALY

As demonstrated by the move in 2020 away from weekly episodes to daily releases, the Italian Wine Podcast has been expanding its offering, and whilst still focusing primarily on Italian Wine and its key markets it was felt that 2021 was the opportune time to bring in both new topics and a new host in the form of a series focused on inclusivity, diversity and female leadership in the wine industry.

Dr. Rebecca Lawrence has worked as a wine educator and communicator with more than a decade of experience. Lawrence is a passionate advocator for change within the industry and is joining the podcast at a crucial time. She believes that this series will be an excellent addition to the programming. Her commitment to this new series underlines the much needed conversations with a broad range of voices in the industry.

The series set the stage for what is to follow with three interviews focused on women who have suffered discrimination, harassment and bullying, but have used it as a catalyst for change and to become positive forces in the wine industry. Lawrence spoke with Rania Zyaat and Amelia Singer, fresh from their panel at wine2wine Business Forum “Committing to Change – How Wine Industry Professionals Are Redefining Leadership for the Next Generation” and was then joined by Vinka Woldarski. Each of these women have been harassed and/or bullied and Italian Wine Podcast wanted to share their stories with listeners, not only to demonstrate these experiences still exist in the wine industry in 2021, but that there is a movement of strong female leadership that is becoming a force of positive change.

When asked about these interviews Lawrence said, “as a woman in wine myself so much of their stories resonated, but to hear how this has become something that fuels them, that has sparked a fire, that means we now have organisations like WWOW, this is what we want the series to focus on. To not only highlight what has happened, but what is happening, as a result.”

The aim of the series is not simply to focus on women (although it is anticipated that they will remain at the core of the guests), but on many issues under the umbrella of diversity and inclusion.

Upcoming guests in the series include Dr. Janice Wang, Stefania Pepe and Tru Miller. Episodes will air on Wednesdays from March 2021 onwards.